Course Overview

This course is intended for cargo handlers who are new to the stevedoring and ports industry, either in permanent or casual employment. The course focuses on the terminologies used in port and stevedoring operations, driving within a port environment, safety issues surrounding work in a port environment, communication skills, and the core knowledge and skills that relate to cargo operations. It also provides further skills in aspects of cargo operations that are location or enterprise specific, as well as in first aid.

Learning Outcomes

1. Identify risk and apply risk management processes
2. Check and evaluate records and documentation
3. Organize and monitor terminal operations
4. Implement and monitor stevedoring regulations
5. Monitor crane operations
6. Direct crane operations
7. Use communication system
8. Coordinate stevedoring clerical functions


1. Personnel safety
2. Carrying out occupational health and safety procedures
3. Cargo handling operation
4. Cargo handling equipment
5. Maritime security