Course Overview

This 255-hour certificate course is intended for people who are already tour guides or who are aspiring to become tour guides. Specialty courses are three (3) credits and those involving a practical component are four (4) credits. Throughout this course, you will be asked to draw upon those experiences. The administering institution will determine how this course will take place. It may used for self-assessments or teacher-marked assessments. Institutions will also determine the length of assessments and how long learners will be allowed to complete them.

Learning Outcomes

The learner will be able to:
• Conduct Tour
• Plan Tours
• Evaluate Tours
• Market Tours


Core Units

  • ◦ Introduction to Tourism ◦ The Tourism System ◦ Applying Effective Communication Skills ◦ Customer Care ◦ Conducting Tours ◦ Health, safety and security procedures ◦ Legal and Ethical Issues


  • ◦ Administration and management for tour guides ◦ Planning Tours ◦ Evaluating Tours ◦ Marketing Tours ◦ Second Language for Tour Guides ◦ ICT Skills for Tour Guides