Course Overview

Many small states are facing the challenges of being competitive on the global agricultural markets. Therefore a common scenario being observed is that the new generation from small states is more and more reluctant to go into agriculture preferring other employment opportunities. The relevance of this course to small states is to stimulate and encourage people from the small states to remain and develop a sustainable agriculture sector focusing on the development of viable agro industrial sector.

Learning Outcomes

1. Employ the best practices in crop management and livestock management.
2. Describe the anatomy and physiology of farm animals.
3. Employ appropriate nutritional practices supporting your livestock.
4. Identify animal health and wellness issues.
5. Examine the need for food security.
6. Employ appropriate pest management strategies.
7. Employ appropriate record management practices.
8. Explain the harvest management process.
9. Appropriately manage a small farm operation.
10. How to effectively use agriculture value chains and cooperatives.


1. Best practices in crop management
2. Best practices in livestock management
3. Best practices in harvest management, post management & agro processing
4. Agribusiness management