Course Overview

Within this fast‐paced world, the role of managers is ever changing. Hence as a manager in the 21st century, you must be prepared for the challenges presented by a highly dynamic and rapidly changing business environment. This course therefore seeks to provide you
with an understanding of the key concepts and skills relevant to the principles and practices of management.

Learning Outcomes

1. Compare and contrast management versus leadership.
2. Examine the theories of management that apply to a small business environment.
3. Employ the functions of management (Planning, Leading, Organizing and Controlling).
4. Describe the principles and best practices of business management.
5. Examine the decision making process in a small business.
6. Explore the roles and responsibilities of an entrepreneur as a business manager.

1. The nature of management 2. Planning as a management function 3. Organizing as a management function 4. Detecting as a management function 5. Controlling as a management function