Course Overview

The Management Accounting course will prepare future entrepreneurs to effectively manage the resources, equipment, facilitates, finances and inventory of a business. We will explore costing systems, inventory control, facilities management and budget preparation and management.

Learning Outcomes

1. Employ costing systems to manage the business.
2. Employ activity based management tools and techniques.
3. Identify costing variables for analysis.
4. Prepare a annual budget and multi‐year budget.
5. Describe how to stay on budget.
6. Use cost and performance measures.
7. Conduct performance cost variance analysis.
8. Establish pricing models.
9. Manage inventories, equipment and resources.
10. Establish depreciation targets.
11. Produce and analyse quarterly and year end statements of account.


1. Introduction to Management Accounting.
2. Microeconomic Foundations of Management Accounting.
3. Product Costing and Cost Allocations.
4. Determining the Cost of Inventory.
5. Planning Tools and Performance Measures.