Course Overview

This is an introductory marketing course that will examine how marketing is practiced in business today and how it is essential to ensure small business growth and success. Marketing should be considered a total system of business action and not simply as understanding an assortment of fragmented functions. This course will concentrate on how an entrepreneur can create and successfully implement a marketing plan that reflects the needs of the consumer.

Learning Outcomes

Able to:
1. Define what is marketing and the similarities and differences between marketing and sales.
2. Describe the type of marketing.
3. Conduct basic marketing research and analysis.
4. Conduct competitor research.
5. Explain how consumer behaviour impacts the development of a marketing plan.
6. Explain and apply the marketing mix in a marketing environment.
7. Develop a pricing proposal.
8. Produce a basic marketing plan.


1. Customer value
2. Marketing - The planning process
3. The marketing environment
4. Consumers and their buying behaviour
5. Marketing strategies