Course Overview

This course will introduce future business owners to the concepts and principles of entrepreneurship. The course will introduce the role entrepreneurs play in the local business environment and the impact of entrepreneurship on the national economy. This course will explore many of the concepts that future entrepreneurs must master before they start their business. It is a course that mixes theory with practice. Learners will be challenged to apply the principles, concepts and framework to real world situations

Learning Outcomes

1. Recognize the entrepreneurial potential within yourself.
2. Describe the role of entrepreneurship within society.
3. Explain the impact of entrepreneurship on the individual, the family and the local community.
4. Explain the process and nature of entrepreneurship.
5. Identify ways in which entrepreneurship manifests itself in society, including start‐ups and within the corporate environment, public sector and non‐profit sector.
6. Identify and assess potential business opportunities.
7. Explore how business opportunities can be turned into sustainable business opportunities.
8. Explore a typical business model for an entrepreneurship enterprise.
9. Explain the business planning process and its outputs.
10. Explain how the start‐up process works.


1. Entrepreneurship
2. From Ideas to a Sustainable Business
3. New Business Ventures
4. The Business Planning Process
5. Marketing, Technology, Legal and Ethical Considerations of Entrepreneurs