Course Overview

All communities are vulnerable to disasters, both natural and man-made. This first-year University level course was designed by experts from throughout the world to increase knowledge of disaster management, with the aim of reducing this vulnerability and improving disaster responsiveness.

Learning Outcomes

Learners will gain exposure to:
- the concepts underpinning the management of disasters
- practical processes involved in the management of disasters


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  • ◦ Unit 1: Overview of Disaster Management ◦ Unit 2: Disaster Management Cycle - Phase I: Mitigation ◦ Unit 3: Disaster Management Cycle - Phase II: Preparedness ◦ Unit 4: Disaster Management Cycle - Phases III and IV: Response and Recovery ◦ Unit 5: Education and Public Awareness - Part I: Community-based Initiatives ◦ Unit 6: Education and Public Awareness - Part II ◦ Unit 7: Education and Public Awareness - Part III ◦ Unit 8: The Role of Technology in Disaster Management ◦ Unit 9: Media and Disaster Management ◦ Unit 10: Disaster Associated Health Issues - Part I: Emergency Health Services and Communicable Diseases ◦ Unit 11: Disaster Associated Health Issues - Part II ◦ Unit 12: Physical and Socio-economic Impacts of Disasters ◦ Unit 13: Emotional Impacts of Disasters ◦ Unit 14: Vulnerable Groups in Disasters