Course Overview

The Introduction to Computers course will prepare future entrepreneurs to operate computer hardware and software applications. Participants will gain an understanding of computer hardware, operating systems, office applications and networks. It will ensure the entrepreneur is able to apply the concepts of networks, the Internet, World Wide Web, and mobile technologies and how they could potentially support a successful business operation.

Learning Outcomes

1. Examine the impact of computer technology on society, education, industry, government and business.
2. Operate a personal computer and computer peripherals.
3. Explain effective computer practices such as backup, updating, troubleshooting, etc.
4. Explain the differences between network software, operating software and application software.
5. Produce simple documents and presentations using Microsoft Word and PowerPoint.
6. Describe a typical network and network hardware.
7. Explain the difference between the Internet and World Wide Web.
8. Explore and search the World Wide Web using a browser to research information.


1. Impact and history of computers
2. Computer hardware
3. Software
4. File and data management
5. Input and output devices
6. Communications and connectivity