Course Overview
Agro-industries can have an important role in employment creation in small states, thus providing an opportunity for income generation in those small states. The current trend of globalization has led to ‘displacement’ of population. It is observed that people from different small states are now all over the world and this is actually opening avenues for exports of specific typical island state agro products all across the globe. From a small state point of view, development of agro industries to cater for the needs of ethnic communities spread across the world is a challenge. Agro industries are evolving as a means to cater for the new arising needs. In addition, consumer markets of the developed world are very receptive to new products and agro products coming from small states can constitute a niche market.
Learning Outcomes

The learner will be able to: 
1. Explain the importance of agriculture to small states. 
2. Demonstrate an appreciation of the relevance of agriculture to food security. 
3. Understand the major factors affecting agricultural production in small states. 
4. Compare and contrast the different agricultural systems. 
5. Identify opportunities for entrepreneurship in agriculture using the value chain approach. 
6. Demonstrate an understanding of how various agricultural groups work and where they fit in the value chain. 
7. Analyze the agricultural environment within your region or small state.


1. Agriculture in small states - an introduction
2. Soil and its impact on agriculture
3. Climate and agriculture
4. Factors affecting agriculture
5. Crop production systems