Course Overview

The Human Resource Management course will prepare future entrepreneurs to effectively manage their human resources. They will be able to project HR needs as the business grows, produce job descriptions, implement a recruiting and selection process, plan for the training and development of employees, establish pay and compensation packages, develop performance management processes and produce a multi‐year HRM plan to manage the growth of the business. The management of human resources should be in accordance with local and national labour laws and worker compensation programmes.

Learning Outcomes

1. Explore the concepts and principles of Human Resource Management.
2. Explain the process of HRM planning.
3. Produce a personnel projection based on multi‐year business growth.
4. Produce job descriptions.
5. Establish a pay and compensation process.
6. Produce a recruiting and selection process.
7. Produce a training and development plan.
8. Establish a performance measurement process.
9. Examine the local and national labour laws.
10. Explain the purpose of worker compensation programmes.
11. Explain the process for recruiting, selecting and manage sub‐contractors and other providers who are not employees.
12. Produce a budget for HRM plan implementation.


1. Introduction to human resources management
2. Human resource planning
3. Job analysis and design
4. Recruitment and selection
5. Performance management and appraisal
6. HRM functions