Course Overview

Education is essential to social and economic development, especially for citizens in developing countries.The future is changing so dramatically and quickly that it poses more challenges for current educational leaders.They are educating students for the unknown.Hence, educational leaders need to explore the necessary changes and challenges that their educational systems are faced with now; and how innovation can be used to inform their future.In order to achieve a sustainable future for their community this course will help educational leaders explore the trends, issues and practices that impact the future of their educational systems.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this course the educational leader will be able to:

  • analyse the possible future local, national and global trends and challenges in developing countries and their potential impact on the education system.
  • identify and explore emerging technologies to enhance the educational system of the future.
  • explore the potential of the open source and open courseware movement and technologies on the future of their educational system.
  • explore the future trends in educational methodologies and their potential impact on the educational system, the learners, the teachers and others.
  • foster creativity and innovation in others to help mold the future of their education system.

The course is divided into four units:
UNIT 1: Global trends in Educational Leadership

UNIT 2: Emerging Technologies that impact Education

UNIT 3: Leading the International Agenda in Educational Improvement

UNIT 4: Implications of Educational Research on Future Development

Each unit is further broken down into related topics which include self-reflection questions to ponder, activities to complete and formal assignments to complete and send to your instructor.

The units contain a number of references that learners either required to use or encouraged to review. This may require that you have access to a computer with Internet connection to download the reference. Each unit should take approximately three weeks to complete.