Course Overview

The Foundations of Educational Leadership will introduce leaders to the concepts and principals of educational leadership. This course will provide learners with an overview of the roles of educational leaders and the impact of educational leadership on the society and educational system.This course will explore different theories and models on educational leadership and the impact to the individual, organization and society. It is a course that will challenge learners to reflect upon theory and practice and apply the principles, concepts and framework to real world situations.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this course educational leader will be able to:

  • recognize the leadership traits within self.
  • critically reflect upon the leadership theories and models and apply them to real world situations.
  • embrace and modify as necessary a leadership style that facilitates the achievement of the vision.
  • create and work collaboratively towards a shared vision for their organization.
  • lead others and is accountable and responsible for their actions.
  • mentor and guide others towards achievement of the vision.
  • evaluate the impact of his or her educational leadership style on the individual, organization and society.

The course is divided into five units:

Unit 1: Introduction to Educational Leadership
Topic 1.1: What is Educational Leadership?
Topic 1.2: The Visionary Leader
Unit 2: Theories and Models of Educational Leadership
Topic 2.1: Theories and Models - An Overview
Topic 2.2 - Educational Leadership Theories and Their Application
Unit 3: The Roles of an Educational Leader
Topic 3.1 - Leading People
Topic 3.2 - Building the Team
Topic 3.3 - Developing Future Leaders
Unit 4: Accountability in Education
Topic 4.1 - Accountability
Topic 4.2 - Legal Responsibilities of Leaders
Topic 4.3 - Ethical and Moral Responsibilities of Leaders
Topic 4.4 - Accountability Framework
Topic 4.5 - The Role of Leaders in Managing Resources
Unit 5 - Understanding Your Personal Leadership Style
Topic 5.1 - Leadership Styles
Topic 5.2 - Produce a leadership style improvement plan