Course Overview

This Business Research course is designed to prepare future entrepreneurs to employ research methods to gather, collate, and analyze business data that is important to the success of their business venture. Upon completion of the course, individuals will be able to use simple statistical analysis methods, produce data gathering instruments, identify types of data that would be useful to an entrepreneur and apply appropriate analysis methods to examine the impact of the data on business operations. // This course forms part of the Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Entrepreneurship (BBE) developed through the Virtual University for Small States of the Commonwealth.

Learning Outcomes

1. Examine how research can help an entrepreneur grow and manage his or her business.
2. Explain the principles of research as they apply to business requirements.
3. Select appropriate business research methods to address business issues.
4. Employ descriptive statistics to analyze business data.
5. Employ qualitative research and analysis methods to capture and evaluate business information.


1. Introduction to Business Research Methods
2. Tools and Techniques: Analyzing and Interpreting Quantitative Business Research Data
3. Tools and Techniques: Analyzing and Interpreting Qualitative Business Research Data
4. Writing an Effective Business Research Report