Course Overview

Business Law is one of the critical courses for the entrepreneur. Without exception, every business enterprise, at one point or another, finds itself dealing with legal issues. The law itself is a broad field, and it is difficult to discuss it exhaustively. The most exceptional thing about Business Law is that it is inclusive of other branches of law such as labour law, and employment law. Our discussion will, therefore, take these into account. However, at the centre of Business Law are law of contract, law of sale, law of lease, and law of agency. These are discussed in some depth, and at every turn, the entrepreneur is expected to infuse personal experience and typical business practical examples into the discussion and activities. The primary aim of going through the course is to prepare future entrepreneurs to operate their business within the local and legal framework of their respective countries.

Learning Outcomes

1. Describe the different types of legal frameworks required to run a business.
2. Establish your business as a legal entity in accordance with local and national guidelines.
3. Explain the link between foundational ideas of a business and Business Law.
4. Define key concepts used in Business Law.
5. Recruit and contract employees cognisant of labour and employment legal aspects.
6. Demonstrate a fuller understanding of and the ability to apply the key areas of Business Law, namely: law of contract, recruitment and contracting, law of sale, law of lease, and law of agency.


1. Labor law and business law
2. Aspects of the law of contract
3. Governance, environmental, intellectual and copyright law