Course Overview

The Business Information System course will prepare future entrepreneurs to use information and communication technology to support the growth and success of their business venture. They will be prepared to maximize the potential of the internet to attract and support customers, communicate with employees and others and support business operations. The entrepreneur will be able to employ business applications to automate their business practices and operations.

Learning Outcomes

1. Maximize the potential of the web to market their products and services, support customers and manage employees.
2. Create databases, capture data and generate reports.
3. Employ Excel to create spreadsheets, generate financial reports and complete financial analysis.
4. Employ communications hardware and software to support virtual meetings.
5. Develop a corporate web presence.
6. Employ social networking software and groupware to share and collaborate with employees, customers and others engaged in the business.
7. Examine how an online presence can help you grow your business.


1. Spreadsheets to support small business
2. Create a corporate web presence
3. E-mail and business communications
4. Establish a community of practice
5. Synchronous tools to support business
6. Other business information tools