Course Overview

A business Environment course will prepare future entrepreneurs to plan, launch and grow a business venture within the context of their local and national social, political, legal cultural and economic environment. It will ensure that future entrepreneurs consider the
labour environment and retail environment they are entering. They will be able to assess the impact of these different environments on the potential to succeed in their new business venture. We will look at the micro‐environment as well as the macro‐environment of a business and in particular the variables that influence the activities of a business.

Learning Outcomes

1. Examine how different factors and trends in the external environment are likely to impact upon a proposed business venture.
2. Conduct a business analysis of the local and national environment.
3. Employ business models and tools to evaluate changes in an organization’s business environment.
4. Present a business environmental analysis and recommendations to reduce the risk of the identified issues.
5. Describe what business operations encompass.
6. Explain the structure, process and function of business management.
7. Explore the role of marketing in business.


1. Introduction to the business environment
2. Analyzing a business environment
3. Business operations and management
4. Fundamentals of marketing
5. Business ethics