Course Overview

Matuaileoo Environmental Trust Incorporated (METI) in Samoa, with support from COL, has developed an introductory manual on Permaculture. This manual has been prepared as a self-instructional course for Taiala to enable them to teach people in their communities about permaculture. Taiala are front-line workers engaged in various education and development activities in support of METI’s ongoing projects. Taiala (path breaker) is considered an apt Samoan translation for front-line education and sustainable development worker. The Manual provides an opportunity for Taiala to learn about and be able to teach permaculture.

Learning Outcomes

Able to explain what permaculture is and its importance to nature and to the people’s lives.


1. What is Permaculture?
2. Ethics
3. The principle of diversity
4. Principle of energy and nutrient cycling
5. Trees and the water cycle
6. Accelerating succession and evolution
7. Using biological resources