Course Overview

This course is an introduction to basic horticulture in Tuvalu. It was originally written by the National University of Samoa and has now been contextualized for Tuvalu by local teachers. The course is intended for school leavers and community groups who have limited knowledge or experience of horticulture. Specifically, it covers the following topics: cultivating soil using hand tools, recognizing fertilizers and their applications, preparing seedbed by hand sowing, sowing in nursery, and maintaining seedbed to seedling stage of growth.

Learning Outcomes

1. Cultivate soil using hand tools
2. Recognize the different types of organic and inorganic fertilizers and soil conditioners
3. Know how to apply fertilizers and lime
4. Prepare a seedbed by hand for sowing
5. Sow seeds by hand in outdoor seedbeds using broadcast or drilling methods
6. Maintain seedbeds to raise seedlings


1: Cultivating soil using hand tools
2: Recognise fertilizers and their applications
3: Prepare seedbed by hand sowing
4: Sowing in a nursery
5: Maintain seedbed to seedling stage of growth