Course Overview

This is a nonformal course to introduce adult learners to bookkeeping. It was developed by Robert Evah, Training Manager at the Ginigoada Bisnis Foundation in Papua New Guinea. It provides learners with fundamentals of bookkeeping and accounting through eight units. The eight units are the following: Nature of Accounting, Accounting Principles and Concepts, Accounting System Part 1, Accounting System Part 2, Depreciation, Payroll Accounting, Petty Cash, and Bank Reconciliation.

Learning Outcomes

1. Explain the difference between accounting and bookkeeping
2. Apply the general acceptable principles of accounting in your bookkeeping work
3. Record transactions in the correct book of accounts
4. Prepare a trial balance, profit and loss statement and balance sheet.
5. Calculate depreciation using the straight line, units of production, declining balance and sum of years digits methods
6. Calculate gross and net salary payments and prepare a payslip
7. Establish a petty cash fund and maintain accurate records of petty cash transactions 8. Prepare a bank reconciliation statement


1. Nature of Accounting
2. Concept and Principles of Accounting
3. The Accounting System Part I
4. The Accounting System Part II
5. Depreciation
6. Pay Roll Accounting
7. Petty cash
8. Bank reconciliation