Course Overview
COL developed this course to assist teachers of TVET institutes who are planning, or currently delivering, an online course, to extend their skills in being an online facilitator. The course aims to help TVET educators establish or improve their own online or blended teaching practices and develop a working understanding of successful online teaching strategies. It is designed to be offered with a facilitator supporting cohorts of learners. However, individuals may find it helpful to work through the course to build their own understanding of online facilitation. The course is designed to be delivered over six weeks, with participants needing 2-3 hours per week to participate in the course discussions and activities.
Learning Outcomes
  1. Evaluate own readiness as an online educator
  2. Communicate effectively to promote online learning
  3. Identify and use appropriate tools for online learning
  4. Carry out effective online assessment
  5. Provide effective online feedback
  6. Effectively monitor and support learner progress