Course Overview

The aim of this course is to equip you with skills on how to design and install home solar systems. In Kenya, Solar PV systems have a vibrant market. Unfortunately, the sector does not have enough trained and experienced practitioners who can design and install systems. It is dominated by non-specialist technician who have no solar PV training. As a result, most solar systems installed in the country perform poorly and eventually fail, leading to the widespread perception in the market that solar systems do not work. Therefore, the goal of this course is to improve access to training and produce professional technicians in Solar PV System.

Learning Outcomes

• Apply basic technical and performance standards of solar PV technology in your work as a solar technician
• Provide services in sizing, installation, maintenance, trouble shooting and repair of basic solar PV systems or solar home systems
• Demonstrate skills in the identification and marketing of high quality solar PV products and systems
• Use the knowledge and skills you have acquired to pursue further technical and business careers in the Solar energy industry.


Unit 1: Basic Electrical Concepts
Unit 2: Solar PV Modules
Unit 3: Solar Battery
Unit 4: Charge Controllers for Solar PV Home Systems
Unit 5: Photovoltaic System Sizing
Unit 6: Maintenance of a Solar PV system