Course Overview

This course provides an introduction to web development and client-side scripting. After providing a review of HTML5 and CSS, the course provides exposer to the concepts of web programming using client side scripting. The course covers basic construction of web page, cascading style sheet, and java script. The course provides a foundation in computer programming in Javascript: syntax and data structures, AJAX, DOM, and JS libraries. It is part of the five courses related to Web Application Development.

Learning Outcomes

1. Demonstrate and understand the basic concepts of web programming
2. Write well-structured, easily maintained, standards-compliant, web pages using HTML and CSS code.
3. Use JavaScript to add dynamic content to pages that meet specific needs and interests.
4. Use JavaScript libraries jQuery and AngularJS to create dynamic pages.
5. Apply techniques of form validation using Java Script.
6. Describe important concepts related to client side Web Security.


1. Introduction to Web Programming
3. Basics of CSS
4. JavaScript
5. jQuery
6. AngularJS
7. Web security