Course Overview

Setting up Wireless Networks – A Course for Barefoot Wireless Engineers has two modules. The first module covers some basic concepts related to planning the setup of wireless networks such as conducting a location survey and selecting the required hardware. The second module of the course covers details of actual installation and maintenance of wireless networks. The course is expected to be used by anyone in areas with low access to Internet to set up the service to provide Internet access.

Learning Outcomes

1. Explain the benefits of a wireless network in bringing connectivity to rural areas.
2. Conduct a location survey before setting up a wireless network.
3. Determine an optical line-of-sight between two points without interference.
4. Select equipment that is suitable for the planned wireless network.
5. Prepare the required agreements and approvals before installing the wireless network.
6. Install the primary infrastructure for a wireless network.


Unit 1 Introduction to Wireless network
Unit 2 Location survey
Unit 3 Network planning
Unit 4 Equipment planning