Course Overview

This course will enable students with basic ICT skills to develop mobile applications with Python. Fundamental programming concepts of Python, theoretical and practical knowledge to develop programs in Python are discussed here. It is part of the seven courses related to Mobile Application Development.

Learning Outcomes

1. Write a simple algorithm with pseudocode and draw a flowchart
2. Use identifiers, variables, constants, operators and expressions in Python language
3. Apply the three basic control structures in programming: sequence, condition, iteration
4. Describe multi paradigm nature of Python programming use data structures in Python programming
5. Apply design philosophies in mobile application development
6. Use libraries for building graphical user interfaces for mobile applications


1. Introduction to Basic Programming Concepts with Python
2. Variables, Expressions and Statements
3. Control Structures, Data structures-and Linked lists, queues
4. Functions
5. Strings
6. Object orientation as a Programming Reading
7. Object and oriented concepts