Course Overview


The introductory-level Leading Change in Teaching and Learning for a Digital World (LCTL) massive open online course will provide frameworks and practical approaches to the leadership and change management required for implementing technology into teaching and learning. This free, 4-week MOOC provided by the Commonwealth of Learning in partnership with Athabasca University is open to administrators, teachers, and other educational professionals.

Watch the video below for more information on LCTL MOOC and to meet some members of our team, and be sure to download the brochure for further details and distribution through your personal and professional networks.

Leading Change in Teaching and Learning for a Digital World is a massive open online course for those interested in shaping, leading, and supporting innovative application of digital tools and technologies during teaching and learning. This course will engage you in the review, discussion, and application of leadership ideas that support new teaching and learning practices. These leadership approaches and teaching and learning practices are aligned with the digital transformation that is shaping our societies. Upon completion of this course, you will understand and have a plan to apply general leadership approaches toward education change in digital, technology-enabled teaching and learning environments. This course provides you the opportunity to view, read, review, and discuss digital transformation in education and the leadership mindset and approaches that leads organisations in this direction. With a focus on post-Covid19 education needs, topics will cover digital education futures, technology-enabled teaching and learning, required organisation infrastructures, and how to develop the needed leadership actions.

Learning Outcomes
  • Meet online with teaching and learning leaders from all over the world who are also learning to improve their leadership techniques
  • Review what digital transformation means and what role there is for education
  • Evaluate potential change requirements for teaching and learning in and for digital environments
  • Demonstrate knowledge regarding several leadership theories appropriate for digital transformation in education
  • Identify and reflect upon personal leadership strategies and evaluate their potential for leading transformative change
  • Combine personal leadership knowledge with context specific needs to support a Leadership Activity Plan
  • Receive a certificate on completion of required activities

Week 1: Defining digital education

  • Introducing definitions of digital transformation and its role in education
  • Exploring the need for education change in individual contexts
  • Reviewing general leadership theories applicable to digital education

Week 2: Digital leadership for digital change in education

  • Creating organisational infrastructure for digital teaching and learning
  • Applying leadership theories for digital transformation
  • Evaluating individual leadership development needs Week3 Preparing for education futures
  • Identifying individual and preferred organisational goals for the digital future
  • Considering leadership strategies and competency development
  • Integrating global and local needs with digital teaching development activities

Week 4: Creating leadership development plans

  • Identifying and testing leadership assessment tools
  • Mapping needs of digital teaching development to leadership strategies
  • Documenting opportunities for action to support digital teaching and learning transformation in context