Course Overview

This course intends to provide basic knowledge and skills required for planning, designing and developing effective web pages with a focus on the practical application of the technologies used in the web development. It covers basic terminologies, tools, HTML5, Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) and the basics of javascript. It also describes how to host a website on a selected web server. It is part of the five courses related to Web Application Development.

Learning Outcomes

1. Describe basic terminologies and various phases of web application development process.
2. Recognize and understand HTML web page elements and HTML tags.
3. Develop web pages using HTML.
4. Apply CSS to format web page elements.
5. Enhance functionality of web pages using client side scripting with javascript.
6. Plan, design and deploy a multi-page website using available
hosting services.


▪ An introduction to the unit content.
▪ Unit outcomes.
▪ New terminology.
▪ Core content of the unit with a variety of learning activities.
▪ A unit summary.
▪ Self assessment questions
▪ Reference and further reading.