Course Overview

This course will equip students with ICT skills which include theory and practical of fundamental concepts of database management systems, data modelling techniques, data normalization, Structured Query Language (SQL) and finally, database development process. It is part of the seven courses related to Mobile Application Development.

Learning Outcomes

1. Explain the basic definition and characteristics of databases.
2. Compare and contrast different roles of database end users.
3. Differentiate between various data models.
4. Design physical database schema for given user requirements.
5. Develop an entity-relationship model based on user requirements.
6. Normalize a set of relational schema to a third normal form.
7. Describe and use data definition language commands (SQL).
8. Describe and use data manipulation commands (SQL).
9. Describe how to join tables for use in SQL.
10. Design, Implement and Test a database according to given user requirements.


1. Introduction to database systems
2. Database history
3. Data modelling
4. Relational data model
5. Integrity rules and constraints
6. Relational design and redundancy