Course Overview

Welcome to DTOC. This course has been designed to support you as you design and develop your own online or blended course. To that effect, the learning activities and assignments have been designed to build onto each other as building blocks: you will learn by doing as you create the pieces that will become your course. Throughout this process you will work in randomly assigned groups so that you provide meaningful and constructive feedback on each other's work. You will be working in the same small groups during the entire course. Keeping you paired with peers throughout your course helps you establish a good rapport and learn how to work closely together during the iterative course development process.

Learning Outcomes

The aim of this online course is for you to design and implement your own blended or online course in Moodle. By the end of DTOC you are expected to have your own course ready for a pilot delivery at your institution.


There are six modules in this course that are designed to guide you through the process of planning, designing, developing and teaching an online or blended course using Moodle, a Learning Management System (LMS). The modules are structured as follows: Module 1: Getting Started (this module) Module 2: Creating a Course Blueprint Module 3: Quality and Learning Module 4: Planning Your Course Module 5: Developing Your Course Module 6: Teaching Your Course The content in each module is organized into books and the learning activities, Moodle video tutorials and assignments are listed in the course home page for your convenience. However, activities and discussions are also linked to from within the book chapters. Depending on your level of familiarity with Moodle, you may not need to watch all the Moodle video tutorials. If you know how to use Moodle, let everybody know as you can act as a mentor to your peers as we start this journey together. All images, icons, and resources used in this course are in the public domain, licensed under Creative Commons licenses with permission for re-use. Proper attribution is given as required and you will see that some resources are captioned with a CC BY legend. You will learn about Creative Commons licensing in Module 4.