Course Overview

Building mathematical competencies in all students is critical in today’s digital society, with renewed emphasis on learner skills in reasoning, computing, mathematical thinking, and problem-solving. The use of ICT in Mathematics teaching has taken on a new urgency due to the global pandemic, where restrictions on physical contact have seen many schools move towards different methods of online education. To ensure equitable access and meaningful learning, it is critical for teachers to increase their array of teaching-learning tools.

Several digital tools and applications are now available to support educators towards this end, ranging from graphic software for geometry learning to simulations for scenario building and visual programming environments. If integrated with effective pedagogy, these resources can lead to improved learning outcomes. Geogebra is one such tool that is as versatile as it is easily accessible, being a Free and Open-Source Software (FOSS) application.

Teaching Mathematics with Technology (TMT) is a four-week MOOC which aims to build the capacity of Mathematics teachers of grades 6-10 in using Geogebra to create resources for teaching various concepts in Mathematics. Teacher educators in this subject domain as well as teachers of related technical subjects will also find this course useful.

Learning Outcomes
After completion of this course, participants are expected to be able to:
  • Appreciate the role of ICT in educational processes
  • Use Geogebra for creating mathematics resources
  • Access and contribute to Open Educational Repositories of Geogebra
  • Develop new teaching-learning practices using Geogebra
Ms. Sriranjani Ranganathan, IT for Change