Course Overview

Open Educational Resources (OER) are learning materials released under an open intellectual property license or in public domain, allowing free of cost and legal reuse, revision and redistribution (UNESCO 2012).OER has been recognised as a means of providing useful and quality content in the various field of study. However, it is observed that despite the availability of the useful resources, many do not know how to integrate it in teaching and learning.  This became more obvious in the advent of COVID-19.  Therefore, in this course you will learn how to plan, write, and appraise an online learning content using OER.

Who is to Attend?
Educational administrators and planners, teachers, trainers, and individuals with interest on how to use OER for teaching and learning

Learning Outcomes

After completing this course, you will be able to:
•    Differentiate OER from other educational resources
•    Plan online learning content using OER 
•    Write an online learning content integrating OER
•    Evaluate OER for integration in online learning

Prof Juliet Inegbedion Okechukwu Okafor

Week 1:    Differentiating OER from other Educational Resources

  •     Unit 1:        OER:  Meaning and Importance
  •     Unit 2:        Creative Common Licenses
  •     Unit 3:        Categories of OER Repositories
  •     Unit 4:        Institutional Integration of OER:  The Case of the National Open University of Nigeria 
  •     Unit 5:        Live Session

Week 2:    Planning Online Content with OER in View I

  •     Unit 1:        Theories and Models for Online Course Design 
  •     Unit 2:        Applying ADDIE Model in Online Content Creation
  •     Unit 3:        Learning Objectives, Competencies, and Outcomes
  •     Unit 4:        Pedagogy for Online Learning 
  •     Unit 5:        Assessment for Online Learning 

Week 3:    Planning Online Content with OER in View II

  •     Unit 1:        Learning Activities
  •     Unit 2:        Learning Resources
  •     Unit 3:        Content Creation Models
  •     Unit 4:        Course Planning 
  •     Unit 5:        Searching for OER that Match the Plan

Week 4:    Writing an Online Content Using OER

  •     Unit 1:        Matching OER Contents with the Plan
  •     Unit 2:        Presentation and Language Style 
  •     Unit 3:        Working with the House Style
  •     Unit 4:        Content Presentation for Review
  •     Unit 5:        Live Session