Course Overview

In the age of complexity and turbulence, resulting from unpredictable factors coming together, one must develop the capability to think, strategize, plan, execute & lead successfully. Globalization, digital technology and a new demographics are colluding to create a new environment of complexity and are demanding new ways of thinking. Inculcating & imbibing Life skills in addition to engineering knowledge is essential, desirable & vital in addressing current and future challenges. Engineering is not just about designing, planning, implementing, executing and measuring the impact of various technologies. A good engineer needs to be a perfect amalgamation of the knowledge in his discipline and life skills. Life skills bring tremendous refinement in professionals’ and engineers’ behavior, prepare them for the change and the way to approach their professional work, job market and finally their life. Inculcating Life skills can make youth, students, and engineers more positive in their attitude and will bring overall wellbeing to them.

Learning Outcomes
Participants will be able to:
  • Develop effective verbal and non-verbal communication skills and Communicate effectively in personal as well as professional settings.
  • Analyse the professional or personal situations critically and perform accordingly.
  • Understand the importance of morals and ethics of the engineering profession and apply the same.
  • Acquaint themselves with leadership skills and the approaches of leadership.
  • Appreciate the significance of life skills in professional spaces through this course on Life Skills for Engineers.