Course Overview

Commonwealth Educational Media Centre for Asia (CEMCA) in collaboration with Annamalai University presents "Introduction to Blockchain".

This course will provide an overview of the concept, technology, and impacts of blockchain on the industry.  It is focused on giving students the necessary information on how these systems work; analyzing the security and regulation issues relating to blockchain technologies; and understanding the impact of blockchain technologies on different industry sectors. 

This course is targeted towards students who are:

  • Doing graduate engineering program
  • Doing business administration courses both at graduation and post-graduation levels
  • Doing graduate programs in any of the Science, Economics or Commerce domain 
  • Working Professionals
Learning Outcomes

Students will be able to achieve the following learning objectives at the completion of the course.

  • Be able to explain what is blockchain
  • Be able to explain why we need blockchain. What is the real-world problem(s) that blockchain is trying to solve
  • Understand and describe how blockchain works 
  • Explain the underlying technology of transactions, blocks, proof-of-work, and consensus building 
  • How does blockchain exist in the public domain (decentralized, distributed) yet maintain transparency, privacy, anonymity, security, immutability, history 
  • How bitcoin and cryptocurrency works 
  • Understand difference between bitcoin, cryptocurrency and Blockchain
  • Understand different types of Blockchain and Protocols
Jeeven Saini

Module 1

  • Databases to Web to Blockchain - (Historic journey to where we are today)
  • Blockchain & its Impact
  • Cryptography & Blockchain Concepts

Module 2

  • Distributed Ledgers & P2P Networks
  • Use Cases & Applications
  • Decentralization

Module 3

  • Understanding Immutability & Consensus Mechanisms
  • Blockchain Classifications
  • Smart Contracts & Logic Tier

Module 4

  • Wallets, Currencies & Token-economics
  • Other Blockchain Development Networks
  • Multilayer, Middleware and Design
  • d-Governance: Impact of Blockchain