Course Overview

There is a growing awareness of the rapidly changing social, economic, and political structures among all of us. Simultaneously, there is also a growing need to keep pace with the demands and challenges caused by these transformations. Realising this need for sustainable upskilling, UNICEF, UNESCO and WHO have listed the ten core life skill strategies and techniques that need to acquired by individuals in order to be confident about their thinking skills, interpersonal skills, and emotional skills leading to their holistic development.

This course has been designed to train participants in a group of psychosocial and interpersonal skills in an experiential setting with a view to developing in them the requisite capacity for optimal living. The core life skills included in the course are essentially those skills that help develop competence and promote mental wellbeing among participants and prepare them for the challenges of personal and professional life.

The course contents will be delivered not through the traditional “information based” approach, but through an experiential and situational approach. The delivery approach will be tailored to address behaviour change through changes in information processing and attitude.

Target Audience

  1. Teachers and Students at any level of their respective academic programmes
  2. Early-career and mid-career professionals
Learning Outcomes

The Learners will be able to:

  1. understand the importance of life skills for a successful life and career.
  2. equipped with the essential people and social skills to enable them to cope with everyday challenges.
  3. build confidence, foster critical and creative thinking, and empower them to develop functional mindsets through leadership skills.
  4. manage their holistic wellbeing for sustainable success.
  5. actualise one’s potential through engagement and action.
Dr. Manas Ranjan Panigrahi, Dr. Ajit K Mishra
  • Week-1    Module I: Winning Communication Skills-1
  • Week-2    Module II: Winning Communication Skills-2
  • Week-3    Module III: Relationship Skills
  • Week-4    Module IV: Thinking Skills
  • Week-5    Module V: Leadership Skills
  • Week-6    Module VI: Wellbeing Skills