Course Overview
This module was developed by the Open University of Mauritius with support from COL for the CEMBA/MPA programme. It seeks to introduce learners to principles of sustainable development and how they relate to business. The module consists of the following seven units: Concepts in Sustainable Business; The SDG 2030 Goals Applied to Businesses; Strategies and Tools for Sustainable Business; Integrated Reporting; Sustainable Trade and Economic Growth; Adopting a Sustainable Business Model, and Sustainable Consumption and Production (SDG12). Advisers: Dr K S Sukon, Prof R Mohee, and Dr S Mishra.
Learning Outcomes
Dr U. Bissoon et al

UNIT 1 - Concepts in Sustainable Business

UNIT 2 - The SDG 2030 Goals Applied to Businesses

UNIT 3 - Strategies and Tools for Sustainable Business

UNIT 4 - Integrated Reporting

UNIT 5 - Sustainable Trade and Economic Growth

UNIT 6 - Adopting a Sustainable Business Model

UNIT 7- Sustainable Consumption and Production (SDG 12)