Course Overview

We are what we eat. From womb to tomb, our health, well being and longevity are largely determined by what we eat. Good health for all its citizens is a goal of every country. Food and Nutrition are essential for  maintaining good health and to prevent disease. The topic of Food, Nutrition and Health has been gaining importance and there has been a flux of information available on print and web media.

The certificate course on Nutrition, Therapeutics and Health deals with the introduction to nutrition which includes the relationship between food, nutrition and health, digestion, absorption and utilization of nutrients and the recommended dietary allowances. It deals with the role of different nutrients, their food sources, requirements and deficiencies which will help in recognizing the deficiency of nutrients in the diet and help in corrections.

Learning Outcomes
  • Importance of Nutrition and its relation to health
  • Requirements of nutrients for various age groups
  • Various nutrients , their role in the body, food sources, effects of deficiency
  • Importance of hygiene and sanitation
  • Modification of diets during illness
  • Link the importance of nutrition to health
Relationship between Food, Nutrition and
Meal Planning and Food Sanitation and
Recommended Dietary Allowances Principles of Therapeutic Nutrition
Digestion, Absorption and Utilization of
Therapeutic Adaptation of Normal Diet
Importance of Various Nutrients Dietary Guidelines for Various Disorders